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Physical Sciences in Oncology Network Investigators Meeting


Speaker Abstract Submission

open to faculty level PS-OC investigators ONLY

PS-OC Investigators interested in speaking at the Second Annual PS-OC Network Investigators' Meeting are asked to frame their talks to show case how their PS-OC research (or the broader PS-OC Network) can help address fundamental questions in cancer biology. The sessions are designed to investigate how close we are to providing meaningful answers to these questions and where can physical science perspectives help. Potential speakers are asked to submit their abstracts in response to a single session.

Session Topics:

  1. Energy, Information and Cancer
    • How do changes in the ways cells consume or produce energy contribute to cancer initiation and progression, or potentially facilitate treatments?
    • What information do cancer cells communicate and interpret, and how are these processes altered in cancer initiation, progression and during treatment?
  2. The Physics of Cancer
    • What are the physical forces that may contribute to cancer initiation and progression?
    • How can the Physics of Cancer be exploited for treatment and diagnosis?
  3. Dormancy and Metastasis - Physical Science Perspectives
    • How have Physical Science Perspectives provided new insights into tumor dormancy and metastasis?
    • Can Physical Science Perspectives be used to diagnose, treat or predict dormant or metastatic disease?
  4. The Challenge of Complexity - Translating data into knowledge
    • How can physical science perspectives enable us to translate complex data into new hypotheses, theories and insights?
    • Can Physical Sciences help us measure and collect important data missing from standard approaches to cancer research?
  5. Integrating the Physical Sciences - Lessons and New Directions
    • What have been the main barriers in integrating the Physical Sciences and Cancer Research?
    • What are the key lessons learned and what are the new directions for integrating these fields?
  6. Trans-Network and Pilot Project Updates
  7. Other topics
    • Please submit abstracts for exciting findings that may not fit into the topics above. We will try and accommodate these where possible.

The deadline for abstract submission is February 22, 2013.

Click here to download the Speaker Update Abstract Submission form in Microsoft Word format.


Poster Abstract Submission

(open to ALL meeting participants)

Poster sessions help provide for the successful exchange of scientific and technical accomplishments at meetings. As such, we encourage all Centers to submit multiple abstracts for poster presentations at the meeting. Each Center can submit up to 10 poster abstracts. Please coordinate closely with your particular PS-OC leadership to determine your Center’s selection process.

The deadline for Poster Abstract Submission is March 8, 2013.

Click here to download the Poster Abstract Submission form in Microsoft Word format.

Prizes will be awarded for the top posters.

If you have any questions about poster submission or the status of your abstract, please contact Susan Kerin at susank@capconcorp.com.