Clinical Proteomic Technologies for Cancer 2010 Annual Meeting
Clinical Proteomic Technologies for Cancer

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    The National Cancer Institute (NCI) will be hosting the Clinical Proteomic Technologies for Cancer's (CPTC) fourth annual meeting on Sept. 8–9, 2010, at the Bethesda North Marriott Hotel & Conference Center in Maryland. This year's event, Establishing the Standards in Clinical Proteomics, will highlight key areas in which CPTC has made significant achievements, including an optimized proteomics pipeline, FDA regulatory science, international open data access policies, and highly-characterized affinity reagents. Session themes will focus on:

    • CPTC: Facing Clinical Application
    • Advances in Proteomic Technologies
    • Bioinformatics Resources and Tools for Proteomic Community
    • Platforms for Protein Discovery and Post-translational Modification Studies
    • Targeted Quantitative Proteomics
    • Reagents/Standards Development

    CPTC has achieved tremendous progress since its inception, which is indicative of its dedication to the highest quality of research and open standards by its investigators, as well as a deep commitment to team science. We cordially invite you to attend CPTC's fourth annual meeting to learn more.





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