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Challenges/Competitions and Innovation Services

Challenges/Competitions and Innovation Services

Helping clients to maximize their innovation potential

Challenges/Competitions and Innovation Services

Capital Consulting has been a pioneer in providing the knowledge and expertise to manage the America COMPETES challenge process end-to-end. We provide end-to-end management of competitions, including:

  • Convening expert panels and design sessions
  • Providing bootcamps, intensive multi-day workshops, where users learn the foundation of innovative practice including:
    • Lean project startup
    • User-centered design
    • Customer discovery
  • Developing challenge structural materials such as Rules and Regulations, FAQs and Evaluation Criteria
  • Providing outreach and promotion
  • Accepting and managing submissions through our proprietary platform
  • Managing the review process
  • Disbursing award funds

Our challenge portfolio has included healthcare innovations, IT solutions/hackathons, defense and public safety advances, and highly specialized scientific breakthrough efforts.

Best In CrowdCapital Consulting offers our clients access to our proprietary Best-In-Crowd challenge platform. Our America COMPETES challenge platform provides a suite of secure project management and challenge implementation tools hosted in auto-scalable FedRAMP authorized cloud services. Clients also benefit from our vast rolodex of prior challenge participants.

The platform’s main features include:

  • Document/video submission workflow and management with full auditing capabilities Role-based authentication and authorization to support collaboration and data storage/access by clients, Capital Consulting, and participants
  • Tools to support challenge administration, evaluation, collaboration, private messaging, community building, solver/participant workflows
  • Interface with the existing, secure document management system to provide all data to clients at the conclusion of a challenge
  • Virtual storage/submission management feature that allows participants of the challenge to store, retrieve, access, and submit for review both data and videos