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Strategic Health Communications

Strategic Health Communications

Leveraging communication to inform and influence

Strategic Health CommunicationsCapital Consulting offers clients a full-service integrated communication and marketing approach that provides messaging designed to competitively break through the noisy digital and traditional information markets of today.

Our concept and usability communications team offer the following services:

Strategic Communication Plans

We conduct rigorous and thoughtful research and planning to builds a foundation of knowledge, an understanding of current topics and issues, and key insights through which programs and tactics are designed and executed in a meaningful, targeted manner to reach key audiences and meet program objectives. We recognize that each initiative and program brings with it unique challenges and issues that must be fully understood and considered to develop successful communications strategies.

Identification and Outreach to Target Audiences

The overall goal of an effective outreach campaign is to reach target audiences through various media channels to further the objectives of the message. We develop an effective outreach strategy, campaign, or program to assess the media landscape; establish realistic, measurable objectives; identify intended audiences and audience segments; select communication channels, tactics, and partnerships; determine media buy and budget; and establish monitoring and evaluation mechanisms.

Social Media and Digital Influence

We offer the strategic use of social media to enhance select campaign and communications activities. Social media can augment efforts by:

  • Establishing active listening posts that can be tailored for specific needs and give real-time insight into what is being said about a campaign or topics of importance to a program across all social media platforms
  • Embracing web technology strategies to fulfill audiences’ increasing expectations for user-generated content
  • Building a virtual community that can strengthen support and extend reach
  • Enabling virtual consultation and support, as appropriate

Materials Development

Our materials development services are designed to reflect contemporary artistic and commercial styles, our products are never afraid to break new ground, to challenge the norm, and to grab viewers with approaches that are fresh and new. Partly a function of the research and writing that support them, our products are also affected by design and production, striving to enhance the messages presented. We are committed to achieving total quality control that strives for zero errors on all products.

Multimedia Products

Audio, video, and interactivity can play a major role in creating a memorable and useful experience for training and instructional products. We work with all appropriate multimedia technologies to make each presentation interactive and eye catching. We have created multimedia presentations for train-the-trainer training, marketing efforts, direct-user training, and meeting-related presentations.

Video Production

Our materials include “traditional” products; video news releases; informational, educational, and training videos; and conference and event coverage. We also produce Internet-based AV material, providing both live and tape-delayed Internet webcasts of new original programming and previously produced programs, which can find an expanded or renewed audience through web distribution.

Liaison Activities

We provide coordination and collaboration with a broad mix of organizations, government agencies, virtual organizations, and individuals. We have worked with foundations, patient advocate groups, the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, academic institutions, international organizations, associations, and their journals.